Welcome to Earth Trails Expeditions - A grass roots expedition company focused on providing sustainable adventures that support, promote and assist initiatives that empower positive change. All our expeditions are focused on specific purpose whilst supporting a worthy cause. We get you lost in the right direction where we find meaningful adventure.


We deliver dynamic expedition planning strategies that mitigate risk for our expedition teams whilst exploring. For more information please click here.


Our expedition leaders are hand picked as we believe that the key to quality & efficiency is profesional staff. To meet our team please click here.


Our logistical support is locally sourced from the communities we explore to ensure empowerment. To see our engagement projects please click here.


Whether you are wanting to experience a world-class iconic trail, a cultural experience or a full-blown exploratory expedition - We will get you there

Our Statements to You

Our Environmental Statement

Environmental sustainability is a very important facet at the Earth Trails and we understand that the impact that our business and individual participants can have on the environment is huge. We are committed to the Leave No Trace principles and are currently developing strategies educational programs to reduce the waste produced by our expeditions.

Our Fair Trade Statement

Earth Trails is serious about fair trade and we understand that it is a corporate and individual responsibility of all to ensure that workers around the world are subject to equality regarding working conditions and pay. Earth Trails is working to ensure that all our corporate partners and suppliers adhere to the principles outlined by the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Our Anti-slavery Statement

While this mistreatment is infrequently called slavery in modern times, the circumstances, situations and conditions are the same. People can be treated badly and forced to work for little or no pay and are often at the mercy of their "employers". Earth Trails partners, sponsors and suppliers are committed to ensure modern day slavery has no part in our businesses and that all workers are honestly paid for their services and treated fairly.

Our goal is to focus on positive gains for the planet - join us today!