What we do

Empowerment through exploratory travel

We wanted a sustaining idea that would enhance peoples lives while protecting the environment with the key motive to be focused on doing good and not profit. It was our belief that if we looked after everyone involved, staff, participants and in-country partners, the profit would look after itself. Through triumphs and failures, this concept is now a proven success and Earth Trails is a driving force in sustainable adventure travel and Advanced Wilderness education.

Who we are

A down to earth team connecting with others

Earth Trails was born by two good mates who shared a simple yet very fulfilling desire to not only travel, but to get well and truly lost. To visit strange lands and eat weird yet wonderful things, to meet people and to experience the feeling of what life was meant to be! The creation of Earth Trails came about from an overwhelming hunger to share these experiences with others by harnessing our varied outdoor skills, experience and connections to develop this concept in exploration and education.