Our Six Core Values

Maintaining a professional standard for us is important however it doesn’t mean we can’t have a lot of fun! We strive to maintain a positive attitude with our partners and customers by acting with integrity and respect, and being organised but flexible.
In an often complicated world simplicity is always the best way to get things done. We are driven to achieve as much as possible with minimal resources. The simple way is the best.
Our core business is too good in the world in which we live. We strive to ensure that our expeditions support initiatives that support people and the planet.

Everything on our planet is connected in some way and we recognise and take pleasure in this. It is this connection to the people and the environment that encourages us to promote cross culture and environmental understanding.

Health and Wellbeing

This applies to both environmental and humanitarian values and it is our goal to not only provide life changing exploratory journeys but also to provide an educational pathway to assist people in growing a healthy and productive future.

What we say is what we do and we ensure that we are accountable for our intentions and actions.

Our core focus supports six fundamentals to improving life on our planet

Community Health
Mobile clinics, community health screening, school clinics, health promotions, first aid training
Housing and Infrastructure

Health post construction, community toilet construction, clean water access, community shelters, school classrooms, road improvements and bridges.

Scholarships, English lessons, stationary and supplies
Wildlife Protection
Animal welfare, endangered species protection, habitat protection
Ecosystem Restoration
Jungle replantation, rubbish removal, reef protection, sustainable farming
Renewable Energy
Energy can be produced cleanly and is provided by nature for free. It should be available to all

Our Statements to You

Our Environmental Statement

Environmental sustainability is an important facet at the Earth Trails as the impact that our business and individual participants can have on the environment is huge. We are committed to the Leave No Trace principles and are currently developing initiatives  to reduce the waste produced by our Expeditions and Academy.

Our Fair Trade Statement
Earth Trails is serious about fair trade as a corporate and individual responsibility of all to ensure that workers around the world are subject to equality regarding working conditions and pay. Earth Trails is working towards ensuring all corporate partners and suppliers adhere the principles outlined by the World Fair Trade Organisation.
Our Anti-slavery Statement
While this mistreatment is infrequently called slavery in modern times, the circumstances, situations and conditions are the same. People are treated badly and forced to work for little or no pay and are at the mercy of their "employers". Even sometimes sold like objects. Earth Trails is committed to ensuring our partners, sponsors and suppliers are engaged to make certain modern day slavery has no part in their businesses and that all workers are honestly paid for their services and treated fairly.

Our goal is to focus on positive gains for the planet - join us today!

Our obsession with exploration and people empowerment has been the catalyst for the creation of Earth Trails. We believe it is incredibly important to occassionally “circuit break” your daily, monthly and yearly routines to engage in a real adventure, challenging yourself in a fresh environment away from the familiarity of what you are used to. Whether you are a taxi driver, a stay at home mum, a physician or a soldier, we equip you to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We want to take you from your office desk to the unexplored highlands, lowlands, rock, forest and ice of our planet. We want to remove you from the monotony of the rat race to the fresh air and vibrant cultures of the unknown. We want to pull you out of stressful surrounds and get you exploring the vast desert landscapes and famous tribes in territories unknown. There is nothing predictable about our expeditions, we can guarantee that; they are dynamically ever-changing, challenging in many ways.