In 2015 Earth Trails Expeditions was founded by two good mates Sunny and Mick who saw an opportunity to explore combing their thirst for exploration and adventure travel with doing some good in the world and making change. Earth Trails Expeditions combines exploration, adventure travel and educational opportunities whilst maintaining an environmentally and culturally sustainable ethos.

mick and steve
Sunny and Mick on crew together in Agnes Water, Queensland.

They wanted a sustaining idea that would enhance people lives as well as protect the environment with the key motive to be focused on doing good and not profit. It was their belief that if they looked after everyone involved, staff, participants and in country partners, the profit would look after itself. Through triumphs and failures, this concept is now a proven a success and Earth Trails is a driving force in sustainable adventure travel.

Both of the lads are veteran defence force soldiers with operational experience in numerous theatres, and are current emergency service officers. They have utilised their experiences through these endeavours to implement  an expedition planning process and risk reduction strategy that are unparalleled in the industry.

Over a relatively short amount of time, Earth Trails has developed a risk management system that would not only allow them to plan and deliver expeditions in some of the most remote and difficult places on earth but has also allowed them to ensure that the communities and environments that we send teams would benefit as much from the exchange as possible. By establishing and utilising unbiased and sustainable partnerships with overseas guides and communities, Earth Trails Expeditions sets a foundation for supplying the finest remote expeditions in the world.

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