Expeditions are fundamentally risky, if they didn't have an element of risk, they would not have the same appeal to most people. After all, all your best stories come from when you are in a lot of trouble or struggling! That said if we can avoid both and run a well prepared and safe expedition we will still create amazing stories!

The inherent risk is largely due to the geographical location, remoteness and often the method in which we journey. These are not tour groups, these are expedition teams and any participants partaking in an ETX expedition must be aware of this and be familiar with our approach to mitigating these inevitable risks.

Through our planning process we identify hazards, and strategically plan to minimise the likelihood of the risk happening or the consequences if it does.


Risk Management

Our Cultural Experiences and Exploratory Expeditions are often treading unknown territory so the ETX team provides an experiened and qualified expedition leader and often an expedition assistant or medic to assist. ETX ensure that our expedition staff are experienced in both dynamic risk assessment and strategic planning to safeguard the team. To compliment this, all leaders working in the far reach destination must possess hard skills / technical skills in the desired element utilised most on the expedition. Local in country support staffs will also be utilised and these will be managed by the expedition leadership team.

Our Iconic Journeys differ somewhat as these are resonably well known routes and the eTX team have built relationships with local resourses.This allows ETX to utilise third-party providers and local team leaders. Our team regularly audit the safety standards of these third party providers including their planning and staffing policies to ensure safety guidelines are always upheld.


Expedition Planning

Our expedition planning team focus their strategy on a number of planning stages before you ever see an expedition offered. These stages include destination specific safety and travel information from DFAT, the current political stability, team access and egress to the journey staging areas, environmental analysis and actual team dynamics.  This is conducted prior to the costing phase that then incorporates the logistical support required.

Our team of expert expedition planners and expedition leaders are a relatively small troop to ensure that you get to know you’re planning and leadership team prior to departure but also this guarantees that you only receive expert advice and professional leadership during the expedition. Again these planners and leaders are at the forefront of our risk management strategy.


Dedicated Operations Contacts

ETX employ an Operations Contact person dedicated for each team. This Operations Contact is the point of contact for all administrative and emergency issues whilst away. The operations contact collates a daily operations report by monitoring all major media outlets, government advice and security portals. This information is passed daily to the teams via email to keep everyone abreast of any developments in-country.  This strategy assists the teams to support themselves and respond pro-actively to events on the ground whilst our operations team support them in the background for a solution.

We recruit current and former emergency service personal and ex-military professionals, as well as experienced outdoor leaders, expedition leader’s and adventure consultants to confirm that there is a capable person managing the situation for you. The dedicated operations contact is reportable to the operations manager and company directors who are on call at all times whilst teams are away.



Each team will carry at a minimum

  • One satellite phone
  • One emergency beacon
  • One in country mobile phone

Expedition teams will carry a team mobile phone that will act as a first line of communication. Additional to this they will also carry an Iridium satellite phone and an EPIRB that operates under the internationally monitored COSPAS/SARSAT system.