Here at Earth Trails we believe that as an adventure company we should support and embrace our social responsibilities and not be solely focused on maximising profits, in fact profits are one of our least focused departments. This entails developing a business strategy with a positive relationship to the environment in which we operate. This relationship between the society and environment in which our business is conducted is a critical factor in our overall operations and is the way the Earth Trails team measure our overall performance and success. Collectively we predominantly support projects and organisations with a focus on improving health, infrastructure, education, environment, human rights and reducing poverty, and we are always seeking further opportunities to support organisations engaged in these positive programs. Below are some of the projects we support or our own social programs.


2016 Thalo Village Water Project


$500 donated by ETX and a further $440 AUD donated by team members

25 water filters provided to each home in Thalo village by the Expedition Medic (mountain medic) 2016 team.


The Chitre Village Wall Project


$1000 AUD donated by ETX and a further $2389 AUD donated by team members

15 meters of retaining wall built under the guidance of local tradesmen by the Expedition Medic (mountain medic 2016 team). This retaining wall forms the foundation for the future community health clinic.


Funded English Lessons


$450 AUD donated so far by ETX and another $450 has been donated by Kasia Ibrahim

A series of English lessons are currently being funded for a group of Nepali mountain guides.


Status Resfeber


ETX donated $750 AUD and an expedition kit valued at $650

Two veterans are walking the length of Norway in 2017 to change the current veteran narrative and inspire positive change.

Earth Trails is proud of its social initiative The Wild Medic Project (WMP), which brings funding and medical assistance to communities who experience difficulty in accessing primary health care. The Wild Medic Project’s vision is that the medical care available in Australia is both free and accessible to all peoples regardless of race, political situation, cultural background or geographical location. To find out more about the project or about how you too can help click the logo.

Seven Women began in 2007 as a grass roots development project to create positive change for seven women who were found operating out of a tin shed and enduring harsh discrimination as a result of being disabled. Seven Women founder Stephanie Woollard first met these women and invested in training in the hope that gaining a skill would give them a means to earn an income. 



Earth Trails is a proud supporter of Mother and Children Art Foundation (MCAF),  a non-profit organization with a dedication to the education, health and employment of impoverished women and children in Nepal. MCAF specialise in traditional Thanka painting workshops and host galleries for artist. To find more about MCAF and the work they do please click the logo.

Earth Trails is  a proud supporter of East Timor Hearts Fund.  It is Australia's only medical aid charity dedicated to providing life-saving heart surgery in Australia for young people from Timor-Leste (East Timor). Since East Timor Hearts Fund informal establishment in late 2010 they have assisted almost with positive outcomes for all. Please take a look around their website for details on their work and how you can get involved